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The benefits of assertiveness in the veterinary clinic

This course is delivered at your clinic and covers the main concepts underlying assertiveness and the techniques which can be used in dealing with difficult situations to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

Who should attend
All staff working with customers.

What they will learn
1. The benefits of assertive behaviour.
2. Practical techniques that will help on a day to day basis.

3. Dealing with difficult situations.
4. Achieving win-win results.

Course content
1. Types of behaviour.
2. Assertive behaviour and body language.
3. The use of language - 3 steps to assertiveness.
4. Dealing with difficult situations.
5. Handling criticism and complaints.
6. Handling anger and manipulative behaviour.
7. Practical applications.

Fees vary according to the length of the workshop and are for up to 15 attendees:

Lunchtime or breakfast briefing (two hours) £300 plus VAT.
Half day workshop £500 plus VAT.
Full day workshop £1000 plus VAT.

Please contact us to book a course or for more information, call Fiona Stuart-Wilson on 020 8255 2070 or contact her by email.

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