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Management training programmes for veterinary clinics

Our management training programmes for veterinary clinics, designed with advice and feedback from vets in practice, have a reputation for helping professional practice owners and managers take greater control over the direction of their business and for enabling them to have more confidence in their business management abilities and the skills of their team.

Management qualification courses for managers in veterinary clinics
Managers in veterinary clinics have a choice of two distance learning courses leading to nationally-recognised management qualifications awarded by ILM:

  • ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management
    Designed for veterinary clinic staff taking on supervisory roles.
  • ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management
    Designed for managers in veterinary clinics, or aspiring managers, to develop their management knowledge and skills.

These courses contain extensive guided learning materials relevant to veterinary clinics and tutorial support from tutors who specialise in management training for veterinary clinics.
Management qualification courses for managers in veterinary clinics

Mentoring for vets and senior partners
Our mentoring programme provides one-to-one coaching, guidance and advice for vets and senior partners in veterinary clinics seeking to improve their management and business skills on an individual basis in order to confidently drive their business forward.

Mentoring programme for professional practices

Management development programmes
Our management development workshops are delivered in-house at your clinic. They are practical, interactive and involve a high level of participation. We aim to make learning as relevant as possible, enabling attendees to apply immediately their new skills to further the clinic's business development. The courses cover such key areas as marketing, strategic forecasting, understanding finance and performance management.
Management development programmes for veterinary clinics.

Training courses for the veterinary team
As important as management skills is the development of an involved, engaged and motivated team. Our courses for veterinary teams have been designed to help the team become more confident and competent in what they do and be able to fully support the clinic's business aims and objectives. The courses cover key areas such as customer care, ethical selling, dealing with difficult situtations and better team working.
Training courses for the veterinary team.

The UMD Professional training team for veterinary clinics
Our training team has a wealth of experience in working with veterinary clinics and other professional practices and organisations, and as managers themselves.
Profiles of the UMD training team for veterinary clinics.

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If you wish to discuss our programmes for veterinary clinics in more detail, please call Fiona Stuart-Wilson on 020 8255 2070 or contact her by email.

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