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Better team working in dental practices

This workshop is delivered at your practice and covers understanding how and why good teams work well, and how to improve communication and motivation to increase the dental team's efficiency and effectiveness.

Who should attend
Anyone working as part of a team or leading a team. Whole teams are encouraged to attend.

What they will learn
1. What makes a good team.
2. How to build and develop an effective team.
3. Defining the roles withing the team.
4. How to improve team communication.
5. Getting the best from the team.

Course content
1. What is team working? Myths and facts.
2. Why teams work and why they don't.
3. Identifying team roles and their relevance.
4. Common problems with teams.
5. Improving team communication.
6. Working more effectively as a team.

The workshop can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and objectives. As it is delivered at your practice, start and finish times can be flexible to suit your availability.

The course provides verifiable CPD.

The workshops are delivered by one of our training team for dental practices.

Fees for in-house workshops are £1,200 inc VAT plus travel for a full one day course for up to 15 attendees from your practice or group of practices.

Contact us to book the course or for further information.

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