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Personal effectiveness

This training course is delivered at your practice and covers improving personal effectiveness through effective time and stress management and developing leadership and decision making skills.

Who should attend
Anyone who wishes to improve their time management and their personal effectiveness.

What they will learn
1. A simple and effective method of structuring their day.
2. Prioritising time and tasks, and using a scheduling system.
3. How to identify and manage stress.
4. What leadership is and how to develop leadership qualities.
5. Confidence in decision making.

Course content
1. Increasing personal effectiveness.
2. The principles of time management and setting priorities.
3. Effective scheduling and using a time management system.
4. Managing stress positively.
5. Different approaches to leadership.
6. Practical decision making techniques.

Fees vary according to the length of the workshop and are for up to 15 delegates:

Lunchtime or breakfast briefing (two hours) £300 plus VAT and travel costs.
Half day workshop £500 plus VAT and travel costs.
Full day workshop £1000 plus VAT and travel costs.

To book an in-house course or to discuss tailor-making a programme to your requirements, please call call Fiona Stuart-Wilson on 020 8255 2070 or contact her by email.

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Personal and team development training for architectural practices

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